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How to Plan a PPC Campaign

Whether you decide to embark on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to add an extra string to your digital marketing bow, or because you want to use it as an alternative keyword research tool in today’s world of keyword (not provided), the ability to plan and manage your campaign holds the key to whether you achieve your objectives.

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How to Tell People you’ve linked to them

If you’re crediting other websites with links out from your own, the onus is on you to tell them you’ve done it, otherwise your generosity may never be discovered!

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Bough Digital’s Blogs of the Week: Week Ending March 15th

By , Mar 14, 2014

Welcome again to our run down of the best blogs from across the digital marketing industry in the last seven days, as chosen by the team here at Bough Digital.  SEO Account Manager Jack Withey and Managing Director Robert Reeve kick us off this week.

Increased Traffic without Link Building

Both Jack and Robert have chosen a Moz blog as their favourite post of the week. The post looks at 12 ways webmasters can increase their Google traffic without indulging in mass link building, which has for a long time been the most common means of improving search referrals.

What Jack Says

Link building is one of the most important factors in improving SEO. However, there are lots of things you can do without hunting for links that can improve your presence on search engines, like improving content and semantic mark up as outlined in this article.”

What Robert Says

“This is a great article for anyone looking to understand the changing landscape of the SEO industry and is valuable for webmasters and novice and experienced SEO professionals in equal measure.”

Email Marketing Must Do’s

Head of Content Karl Tippins has picked out a blog post from Receptional that looks at email marketing must do’s as well as email marketing don’ts. The post will serve as a handy guide for anyone invested in email marketing, or who believes they haven’t been giving this marketing opportunity the attention it should get.

What Karl Says

“As people have focused more on social media, email marketing has somewhat been relegated to a status as an old school method of getting in touch with clients and our audiences. However, in the world where content is king it is worth remembering that emails are content themselves, and a great way to create something you can be confident that a good number of people is going to lay eyes on. Tools for measuring the effectiveness of email marketing, like Mail Chimp, or even looking at your referrals, make it a worthwhile avenue to explore.”

Avoiding Negative SEO or Unnatural Links

SEO Account Manager Saleem Rawn has chosen a Search Engine Watch article this week, which looks at how to avoid being hit by any negative SEO or unnatural link building that competitors or SEO agencies may carry out in order to purposefully harm your own activities.

What Saleem Says

“This is a great article that provides methods that will help websites avoid getting hit by Google algorithm updates. By regularly analysing your own or clients’ website backlinks, you can implement processes to address issues regarding negative SEO that may affect the website’s performance within the search engine rankings, with the knock on effects including lower traffic, conversions, and revenues.”

What are your own thoughts on the blogs we have chosen as our favourites this week? Are there any that we might have included instead? Share your thoughts below or get in touch with us to discuss your own website’s digital marketing needs.

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