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How to Plan a PPC Campaign

Whether you decide to embark on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to add an extra string to your digital marketing bow, or because you want to use it as an alternative keyword research tool in today’s world of keyword (not provided), the ability to plan and manage your campaign holds the key to whether you achieve your objectives.

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How to Tell People you’ve linked to them

If you’re crediting other websites with links out from your own, the onus is on you to tell them you’ve done it, otherwise your generosity may never be discovered!

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Google Optimisation

Google is by far the biggest and most used search engine on the web. Whilst there are a handful of other big search engines out there to target, their usership is dwarfed by the hundreds of millions of unique hits Google attract each month. This means that to make your SEO efforts successful, your website needs to rank well on Google searches. You can learn more about Google optimisation here.

3 By , Jan 22, 2016

Creating the Right Marketing Mix

This week's Whiteboard Friday from Moz looks at evaluating your marketing mix and ensuring you are spending and focusing in the right areas.

0 By , Jan 08, 2016

Understanding and Using Your Demand Distibution Curve

Rand Fishkin at Moz is back with another edition of Whiteboard Friday, this time helping you to look at your demand distribution curve, understand what this means, and how to use it to tailor your strategy for better conversions.

0 By , Jul 04, 2014

Should You Abandon SEO After a Google Penalty?

Should you abandon SEO after a Google Penalty, or is it worth continuing with your digital marketing activities?

1 By , Jun 05, 2014

How easy is Your Website to Use?

Anyone who keeps up with the search industry and specifically pays attention to Google SEO news will know that user experience and the overall usability of a website is quickly gaining prominence as a ranking factor.

0 By , Apr 23, 2014

Why Does the SEO Process Differ for Every Website?

While all SEO campaigns will share some similarities, the process is different for every website. This post explores why this is the case.

0 By , Mar 10, 2014

SEO Tips for Start Up Businesses

Start up businesses often fall into the trap of not doing any digital marketing activities because they feel they don't have the time nor the money to invest. This blog will give you some tips and inspiration that will help you to build a strong digital marketing foundation for your start up.

0 By , Feb 03, 2014

How to Conduct Backlink Analysis

Conducting backlink analysis can be crucial to identifying the links that are potentially damaging your site and could lead to an algorithmic or manual Google Penalty.

0 By , Jan 28, 2014

How to Write a Google Reconsideration Request

If you have been hit with a manual Google Penalty you will need to send a Google reconsideration request having done work to remove any damaging links. Here are some tips to help you write it.

0 By , Jan 26, 2014

How to Make Web Pages Load Quicker

Page loading times are a key element of delivering an exceptional user experience, which is an important aspect of SEO. How can you improve yours?

0 By , Jan 02, 2014

Search Predictions for 2014

Bough Digital takes a look at what are likely to be the biggest trends in SEO throughout 2014, and why they will be so important for SEOs, digital marketers, and webmasters everywhere.

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