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How to Plan a PPC Campaign

Whether you decide to embark on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to add an extra string to your digital marketing bow, or because you want to use it as an alternative keyword research tool in today’s world of keyword (not provided), the ability to plan and manage your campaign holds the key to whether you achieve your objectives.

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How to Tell People you’ve linked to them

If you’re crediting other websites with links out from your own, the onus is on you to tell them you’ve done it, otherwise your generosity may never be discovered!

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What is the "True" Competition for a Keyword?

90% of search engine users pick a result from the first page of the results, so it is said that the true competition for a keyword are the sites that appear in positions 1 - 10 for that particular key...

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What are Long Tail Keywords?

Long-tail keywords are a type of keyword phrase that is entered into a search engine and normally the search query consists of over three keywords (but sometimes over five). The idea of long-tail keyw...

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What is the Official Google/Yahoo/Bing Policy on SEO?

There aren't any strictly defined policies on SEO, but all search providers to supply webmasters with resources to help them build and maintain the best website possible.

The policy of Google, Yahoo, a...

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Why Doesn't Google Tell me how many links I have?

Many suspect that the real reason is simply because Google doesn't want you to know. Of course, you can use Google Webmaster Tools to look at a diverse cross section of your links and where they're co...

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Who is Matt Cutts?

Matt Cutts is the Head of the Webspam team at Google.

He is a well-known figure in the search community, regularly posting video blogs and answers to questions through Google's Webmaster Help YouTube a...

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Can Anyone Guarantee a 1st Place Ranking?

No, they can't, and if you find anyone that says they can while you're searching for an SEO agency, then we recommend you run a mile and don't even think about using them, no matter how tempting it mi...

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What is a Backlink Packet?

This is a list of links that you can buy if you're looking to save time with link building. Note that buying a backlink packet doesn't mean links are being built for you, it simply tells you, and ofte...

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I Bought a Packet of "High PR Links" but all my Links are PR0, What Happened?

This is a common problem with backlink packets.

What happens is that you're directed to a "high PR" site on the knowledge that you can build links from there.

You haven't been conned (too much...

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What Automation Tools are There?

There are several automated SEO tools that you can use to help you achieve your objectives. However, given the time and effort you'd need to put into setting these tools up to work for you and double ...

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What SEO Service Should I Use?

It'd be easy (and the obvious thing to do) to sit here and recommend you choose Bough Digital.  While you can choose to browse our services, we should also tell you how you can go about finding t...

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