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How to Plan a PPC Campaign

Whether you decide to embark on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to add an extra string to your digital marketing bow, or because you want to use it as an alternative keyword research tool in today’s world of keyword (not provided), the ability to plan and manage your campaign holds the key to whether you achieve your objectives.

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How to Tell People you’ve linked to them

If you’re crediting other websites with links out from your own, the onus is on you to tell them you’ve done it, otherwise your generosity may never be discovered!

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What Makes a Good Keyword?

There is no definitive answer to what makes a good keyword, but there are some pointers that will ensure you're on the right path.

Both broad and targeted keywords could be good for your website. There are a number of keyword research tools on our own site that you can use to decide whether these are worthwhile. Generally, a good keyword will be relevant, have a high number of searches on a monthly basis, and ideally have low competition.

You'll find some industries that are extremely competitive where almost all keywords will have high competition. Rather than find obscure keywords, it is best to keep your site relevant in these circumstances and focus on building a broad range of content.

Use a mix of broad and targeted keywords. Broad keywords might relate to your website or industry, while targeted keywords might look at a specific area of this industry. For example, a broad keyword for Bough Digital would be "digital marketing," while a targeted keyword would be "keyword mapping." This helps to establish with Google and other search engines that the site is about digital marketing, but has specific content related to keyword mapping, for example.

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