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Can My Local SEO Campaign Target Multiple Locations?

Local business owners are gradually coming around to the importance of local SEO. While many still insist on the low return, difficult to measure, traditional marketing methods of using local directories or leaflet posting, the smarter ones are putting their budget to much better use online.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the practice of targeting a specific geographical area, usually the one immediately surrounding your own business location. You can optimize your site for local SEO in a number of ways, including gaining citations through business directories and targeting keyword terms that include your geographical location. For example, if we were going to run a local SEO campaign at Bough Digital, we might look at using “Temple SEO agency” or “London SEO agency” as keyword terms.

Why is Local SEO Important?

Local SEO helps businesses target the customers that are on their doorstep. By targeting location based keywords and claiming business profiles, particularly on high profile sites like Google+ Local and Bing Places for Business, a business can increase their chances of being found on a Google map in organic search results, or ranking highly when someone searches for “(service) near me.”

Depending on your industry and the success of your local SEO activities, small businesses can even find themselves outranking large, globally recognized brands in search. The increasing number of searches being conducted on mobile devices by people on the move has also increased the importance of local SEO.

Can I Target Multiple Locations?

In theory, yes, but we do not recommend that you do this. For example, if you have an office based in London, trying to target all of the London boroughs as part of a local SEO strategy will not work. The more locations you place into your metadata, the quicker the search engines will pick you up for spamming.

Why would you want to do this anyway? If someone searches for “(service) in Camden” only to find your office is in Sutton your brand reputation will be diminished. Taking this approach also dilutes your local SEO strategy, so is not advised.

Do not be tempted to change your location when submitting your business to various directories, either. This confuses the search engines and again damages your local SEO potential.

If you have offices in each location, then you can target multiple locations, but ensure you set up subdomains or specific website pages for each place.

I Want More Business!

Businesses want to target the largest possible audience, which is understandable. Rather than taking a spammy approach, you can simply construct your content so that it is clear you are based in one location, but offer your service or product across various locations, or can work remotely.

Using PPC

If you are passionate about targeting a wider area, then you can choose to be less specific with your local SEO keyword targeting. Target London rather than the specific area of London, for example. If you still are not happy, then it might be time to reconsider whether local SEO is best for your business.

Another alternative is to use PPC, either by working with a digital marketing agency or by setting up Google AdWords yourself. This approach allows you to appear for your chosen keywords in different locations while allowing you to focus on the organic rankings of your site through your local SEO campaign.

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Posted · Oct 21, 2013
Categories · Search Engine Optimisation.
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