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How to Plan a PPC Campaign

Whether you decide to embark on a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign to add an extra string to your digital marketing bow, or because you want to use it as an alternative keyword research tool in today’s world of keyword (not provided), the ability to plan and manage your campaign holds the key to whether you achieve your objectives.

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How to Tell People you’ve linked to them

If you’re crediting other websites with links out from your own, the onus is on you to tell them you’ve done it, otherwise your generosity may never be discovered!

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How to Build Visuals Into Your Content Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes people make when talking about content marketing is that they pigeon hole themselves into thinking purely about written content, and nothing else.  While 1,000 words of writing may well have some great information and data, for someone coming to your site for the first time it isn’t going to be the most engaging thing in the world.

As the old saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words! How can you build visual media into your content strategy?

Complementing Text

The easiest and perhaps the best way to build visuals into content is to use them to complement the text on your pages. Try to have a picture, chart, or graph for each paragraph or even for each point you make on the page. Not only does it lure people in, they are more likely to read through the rest of your long form copy if you have broken it down with pictures. If you are looking to establish yourself as an industry authority, it is much easier to do this using pictures and charts to demonstrate your expertise.

Ensure you use your own pictures wherever possible, or at least find unique ones that you can use and credit. Using stock photos at times is okay, but it doesn’t exactly make your site stand out.

Use Your Editorial Calendar

Use your editorial calendar to plan specific times when you are going to use visuals. For example, once a month you might do an infographic, a post that is just images, a cartoon, and a video. Straight away, you are giving your website one piece of visual – and audio in the case of the video – content each week. After just one month your website will be more diverse than 99% of the others on the internet!

Use Social Media for Visuals

As well as creating visual content and putting images into your written content, be sure to share visuals on social media, too. The great thing about using social media in this way is that you can take photos of almost anything you want. What does the view from the office look like on a sunny day? Has someone in the office gone overboard with their cream and marshmallow topping on their morning mocha? Having fun with social media and visual content in this way will immediately boost your engagement levels.

If you need inspiration for building visuals into your content strategy, then get in touch! We can produce everything from graphs and charts to infographics, videos, and even fun cartoons, all of which will diversify your content and make your business much more engaging online.

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Posted · Dec 06, 2013
Categories · Content Marketing.
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