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Should you Ever Buy Keyword Rich Domains?

There are many rules attached to buying a domain name, most of which have never changed even as the overall digital marketing industry has continued to evolve.  This post from Rand Fishkin of Moz was written in 2007, but still provides some great advice around choosing a perfect domain name.

Point one of that post is where we’re going to concentrate now, specifically looking at whether you should ever buy keyword rich domains.

A No Brainer?

It might seem like a no brainer, but some people do buy keyword rich domain names for the sake of it.  What you don’t want to do is have a keyword rich domain that is massively long or completely irrelevant to your business, or, lo and behold, have a domain that you own purely because you want to use it to link to or from another site to try to manipulate the search engines.

Instead, ask yourself the following questions.

Will Visitors Remember the Domain Name?

Who wants to rank first for an obscure term when you a) won’t get any searches and b) anyone that does find you will never become a direct visitor because it’s impossible to remember your domain name?

If you’re lucky enough to find an available domain that is a well-searched keyword and memorable, then go for it, so long as you can answer the next question.

Does the Keyword (Therefore will the Domain) fit my Brand?

Owing a website called Sexy Shoes for Women and having this as your domain isn’t much use if you’re selling furniture or B2B administration services.

You need to have a connection between your domain name and your brand; this connection will stick with your website visitors and make them remember you.  Again, if it’s a keyword, great!

Is the Domain Name Short and the Correct Spelling?

Forget what you might have read years ago about targeting spelling mistakes within a search engine optimisation strategy. 

The one thing we will say is that if there is an easy spelling mistake that can be made with your domain name, try to buy it and redirect it to the correct spelling, but don’t waste your time putting a site on the misspelled domain.

Oh, and your domain name should be short, so forget any ideas you had about keyword stuffing!

Is the Domain Name Sustainable Long Term?

Keywords are like the fashion industry; things evolve over time as people adapt different search habits and Google and the other search engines further develop their own algorithms to help people find what they’re looking for.

Why use is a keyword rich domain if you’ve chosen a seasonal keyword, for example, that will only be searched for in one month of the year?

Other Questions to Ask

In addition to these questions specifically related to keywords, you should also think about typical domain name considerations, such as whether your domain name is hyphenated (not so good) or all one word (good), and whether the domain is a .com (a must!).  If you are targeting a specific geographical area, it is still acceptable to have a top-level domain for that region.

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Posted · Jun 11, 2014
Categories · Search Engine Optimisation.
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